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Les Dames Grises (Grey Women) Vasselage (Ladies of the Well) The Blessed Virgins, Bean-Liath, Mala Liath, Líadain (Grey Woman)

(pron. lay DAHM GREASE, BAN, LEE-ah, MAH-lah LEE-ah) Goddesses who guard the treasures of the faeries. They haunt old sites, visit secret gardens, children’s graves, and winter arbors. They live at the bottom of wells. They have greenish hair from the limestone powder, blue eyes, and wear grey skirts or dresses the color of lichen, mist and dust. They come out at night to dance by moonlight and dance at ponds the color of moonlight and milk Their sweet songs emerge from the mist. After dancing they hop like frogs still holding hands into the well. Their leader is Lalie. They have shiny iridescent skin of the trout that can shine black, green, red, gray and blue. The grey woman of Scotland tends a herd of pigs from the wild boar of Glen Glass. (197)
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