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The Legend of Lludd & Lleuelys

Beli Mawr ap Mynogan had four sons: Llud: Pure Ore, Caswallawn, Ninniaw, and Lleuelys: Moon, and at his death the Kingdom of the Ise of Britain fell into the hands of his oldest son. Llud refurbished the walls of the city, had beautiful houses built, and named the kingdom after himself; Caer Llud, Castle Llud or London. The youngest son, Lleuelys, heard the king of France had died leaving his daughter as heir and asked for her hand in marriage. They married and Lleuelys ruled well.
 After a time three oppressions came to Britain: The invasion of the Coraniaid: Folding people who could hear everything and could not be harmed, a cry on May-Day eve that struck fear into the hearts of people and left the land barren, and a reduction in food supply at the King’s court. Llud traveled to France to meet his brother and they talked through a long brass horn so they could not be heard. Lleuelys gave Llud some advice: poison the Coraniad, capture the screaming dragons with mead and put them in a stone chest, and ambush the sorceror who was stealing his food supply at night. Lleuelys then sent Llud home with some vermin. (3)

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