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Legend of Culhwch ac Olwen End

Arthur then went and battled Twrch Trwyth’s army for nine days. Trwyth’s army headed for Arthur’s kingdom in Wales and he battled them there for three days with King Dyfed’s son and Gwyn ap Nudd. Finally Arthur fought Twrch Trwyth himself in hand to hand combat and after ambushing him at the Severn, dunked him in the water. Mabon snatched the razor, while Cyledyr Wyllt took the shears.

The last item to get was the blood of the black witch Orddu. Arthur chopped her in two and got the blood. Culhwch went back to the palace with the treasures, sheared the land, and cut the giant’s head off. He married Olwen and she was his wife as long as he lived. (3)

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