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Legend of Culhwch ac Olwen Continued

At the fort of Wrnach the giant they told the keeper they were sword burnishers and were let into the hall. Cei polished the giant’s sword, cut off his head, and the party escaped. They then went out to seek Mabon, asking a blackbird, stag, owl, eagle, and salmon. The salmon carried them to Caer Loyw where Mabon was imprisoned and they rescued him. They recovered the puppy, leash, and horse, and sailed to Brittany for the king. They got the honey, hamper, harp, cup, and birds. Afterwards Arthur went to Ireland and got the magical boar’s tusk. Mabon got the magical hounds, and Menw tried to get the comb and shears of Twrch Trwyth by changing into a bird, but was unable to seize anything. In Ireland Arthur asked Odgar for the magical cauldron, was refused and destroyed Odgar, Diwrnach and their army. (3)

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