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American Customs:

Winter Music Concerts: Many elementary schools have choirs that sing at local shopping centers, city recreation centers, and hospitals during the Advent season. Hotels, churches, and Schools of Music also sponsor events. Ice skating is popular. In colder areas snow skiing, snowboarding, and snowmen building are popular.

Christmas Tree Lighting: City municipal Christmas trees are lit. Christmas Trees are available for sale in shopping centers and on rural farms in tree-growing areas. Miniature living dwarf Christmas trees are available at select grocers, plant nurseries and by mail-order.

Ballet: Special Saturday shows of the Nutcracker Ballet by Tchiakovsky are designed for children to meet the ballet troupe.

Christmas Movies: Families go to the movie theatre to see the latest ones. Local television stations run Christmas cartoons, movies and documentaries for children to watch during the entire month of December.

Foods Available Pre-Made at the Grocers: Eggnog (a beverage made of eggs, milk, nutmeg, and brandy), hot chocolate (sacred drink from México), popcorn in fancy tins (maiz), mulled apple cider, soda-pop, ginger ale, candy canes (peppermint sticks), fudge, divinity (candy made of boiled egg whites and castille sugar), gingerbread, cookies, chocolates, fruitcake (dried fruit soaked in alcohol), cheeseballs, cheesecake, potato chips, spinach dip (spinach, onion soup, sour-cream), sandwiches, ham, turkey a.k.a guajalote (It is against the law to shoot or eat geese in the United States & Canada)

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