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Dutch Customs:  A Christmas market takes place in Rotterdam. Chime and carillon music is played. Christmas trees are bought and decorated with pinwheels, gilded walnuts, bead garlands, fruit, pinecones, sugar bells, stars, foil chocolates, wreath cookies, and red and white candles. Advent star lights are placed in the window. The main square of each town has a lighted christmas tree.

Department stores decorate with red and white paper bells, silver and gold garlands, and evergreen boughs. Flower stalls sell wreaths, holly, mistletoe, and pinecones. Tulips, lilies, pussywillows, red and white poinsettas are popular. December 25th is First Christmas Day: Father Christmas (de Kerstman) brings gifts. Children save all year for the annual pig at Christmas in a piggy bank. December 26th is Second Christmas Day: plays and concerts are attended. Ice skating and skating shows are popular. (2)

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