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Austrian Customs: St. Thomas Day, December 21st: The entire house is blessed and purified with incense. Kletzenbrot (fruitcake) is baked. Lebkuchen (gingerbread), pfeffernüsse (peppernut cookies) and stollen (Christmas coffee cake) are baked. Stollen is sent from a godmother to her godchild on Christmas gift-wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with red ribbon. Stollen is stored for at least three days before it is eaten. Gingerbread houses are baked and decorated. (1)

Christmas Foods:  Christmas Eve: carp, potato salad, fish soups, tortes, and cookies. Christmas Day: fruitcake, strudel (made of nuts, poppyseed or apples), weihnachtspunsch: christmas punch, coffee, roasted potatoes and apples, red cabbage, sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), stewed prunes, roast goose stuffed with apples, prunes, or chestnuts, roast pork, Wiener Schnitzel: Vienna Cutlet (breaded veal cutlet).

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