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Valentine’s Card Types H-P

[Hand of Engagement]Hand
Hand of engagement pictured on card.

Marriage License
In shape of marriage license signed by Reverend Tie-Them-Tight. Popular in England.

[Mechanical Card’
Also called the three-dimensional fold out. Pop-up card with scenes. Invented in Germany. Manufactured of pasteboard (layers of thin paper glued together) with thin, delicate, paper tabs. Prices ranged from five cents to one dollar. Once broken, many of them were discarded.

Puzzle Purse: A card that is folded into a puzzle to be unopened in a certain order.
Pinprick: Dotted card design pricked into paper with a pin or needle
Poonah, Theorem: From Asia. Stenciled water-color design on oil paper or velvet. Set with gum arabic (1, 2)

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