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Early Scottish kings were elected and enthroned using the Irish rite. The seven ancient courts are: Dunadd (mid Argyll), Scone, Dunfermline, Perth, Falkland, Stirling and Linlithgow. Edmund Spencer writes in his View of the State of Ireland in the Elizabethan era:
They use to place him that shal be their captaine upon a stone alwayes reserved for that purpose, and placed commonly upon a hill; in some of which I have seen formed and ingraven a foot, whereon hee standing receives as oath to preserve all the auncient former customes of the countrey inviolable, and to deliver up the succession peaceably to the Tanist, and then hath a wand delivered unto him by som whose proper office that is; after which descendig from the stoe, he turneth himself round, thrice forward and thrice backward.
The tánaise ríg,second to the king, is the chosen successor. Descent in Scotland is not always from father to son, but often brother to brother. The showing of the king designate to the people, chiefs, and powerful men is the earliest recorded form of Royal parade. (1, 3)
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