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The Stone of Destiny, Lia Fail, is where Scottish kings sit to be crowned. The Gaels of Ireland, from whom the Scottish kings are descended, brought the Stone of Destiny from Eithiopeia. Fergus Mac Erc, the first king of the Scots, was enthroned at Dunadd in 330 B.C. He placed his foot in the trace of a man’s foot cut in stone to signify that he would walk in the ways of his predecessors. He was robed in white and the white sceptre was present as an emblem of fair, discreet, sincere, and just rule. (1)
Cinnidh Sgoit saor am fine
Mur brueg am faisinte;
Far am faighear an Lia-Fail
Dlighe flaitheas do ghabhail.
Scots shall flourish strong and free
Unless proved false the prophecy,
That where the Stone shall yet be found
A Scot by princely right is crowned. (1)

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