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Gentlemen - The Tartan!
Here’s to it!
The fighting sheen of it,
The yellow, the green of it,
The white, the blue of it,
The swing, the hue of it,
The dark, the red of it,
Every thread of it!

The fair have sighed for it,
The brave have died for it,
Foeman have sought for it,
Heroes fought for it,
Honour the name of it, Drink to the fame of it,
The Tartan!

by Murdoch MacLean.

Bratach: flag. brat: tartan. Celtic Nations.

Left Column: Alba: Scotland, Cymru: Wales, Galiz: Spain, Yn Vannin: Isle of Man.

Right Column: Breiz: Brittany, Éire: Ireland, Kernow: Cornwall, Uladh: Northern Ireland.

[Alba Bratach: Scotland’s Flag][Breiz Bratach: Brittany’s Flag]
[Cymru Bratach: Welsh Flag][Eire Bratach: Irish Flag]
[Galiz Bratach: Galician Flag][Kernow Bratach: Cornish Flag]
[Yn Vannin Bratach: Manx Flag][Uladh Bratach: N Irish Flag]

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