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Saint Patrick & the Seamróg
Saint Patrick used a seamróg (pron. sham-roh-g), called a trefoil or three-leaf clover, to illustrate the concept of the trinity to the people. The shamrock was used in ancient Celtic fertility rites, representing the triple goddess. The burnt leaves were sprinkled over fields to promote growth. The three leaves represented the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, while the stem was the Godhead itself from which they proceeded... (37)
Saint Patrick & the King
Saint Patrick accidently stabbed the Over-King of Cashel’s foot with his crozier during the king’s baptism. He was remorseful and King Angus (pron een-us or ah-nish) thought it was part of the ceremony. As a reward for his bravery Saint Patrick promised him that none of his descendants would ever die of wounds. (7, 9, 15, M)

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