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Oisín, Tír na n’Óg & Saint Patrick
Oisín (pron. ush-SHEEN) journeyed to the immortal world of Tír na n’ Óg (The Country of the Young) with the beautiful, golden-haired Niamh (pron. Nee-ahv). She promised him castles, gold and beautiful clothes of silk and fur and a land of beauty and perpetual youth with no winter, frost, cold, or snow. Oisín’s father Finn knew he would not see him again and waved goodbye as they went under the sea. Almond, apple, peach, and orange trees and glittering palaces of diamonds and jewels were there, but three hundred years passed by in 10 days, and Oisín desired to return to Ireland.

Niamh warned him that the country had been changed by Saint Patrick and that Oisín must not put his foot on the soil or he would not see her again. Oisín returned on a white horse to Ireland and noticed the men and women had gotten smaller. The people had heard of him and the Celtic gods, but said the priests had smashed the statues and told them not to pray to them. Oisín rode on to lift a great stone, but after lifting it fell to the ground when his stirrup broke. He quickly aged into an elderly man and the horse vanished into the sky. He spent his last years in Ireland telling Saint Patrick about the immortal world. (10. 16)

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