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The Druid’s Soul
The Druid received travellers from all over the world and convinced an Egyptian philosopher that black was white. After that, he turned and said white was black- until in the end the unfortunate man did not know whether there was any such thing as color at all... and maybe there isn’t. One day the Druid went too far and argued there was no God and no soul. He told the king that logic was the source of all truth; and if you could not see a thing it didn’t exist. A spirit came and told the Druid that he was wicked to destroy the beliefs of his people with his mind, and that he only had a few hours to live. He would be saved from evil if he could convince the king there was a soul. The Druid commanded the king to cut his throat and at the moment of his death a white butterfly flew out. Butterflies are thought to be souls hovering on the edge of heaven waiting to get into paradise. (10)

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