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Llyfr Gwynn Rhydderch: White Book of Rhydderch

National Library of Wales: Peniarth MS 4 & Peniarth MS 5: Written in 1350 AD for Rhydderch ab Ieuan Llwyd (ca. 1325–1400) from Parcrhydderch in the parish of Llangeitho in Ceredigion, Wales. The hands of 5 scribes have been identified in the manuscripts, very likely working in Strata Florida Abbey, not far from Rhydderch’s home. Preserved in the library of 17-century antiquary Robert Vaughan and passed to his descendants. Peniarth MS 4 contains the Welsh tales now collectively known as the Mabinogion, and Peniarth MS 5 contains Christian religious texts in Welsh, mostly translated from Latin. (31:2)
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