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Leabhar Laigneach: Book of Leinster a.k.a Leabhar na Núachongbála: Book of the New Foundation

University of Dublin’s Trinity College Library: College Shelfmark MS H 2.18 / Franciscan Convent, Dun Mhuire, Killiney (Pronounced yower na ooa-cong-wall): Written in 1150 A.D at Nuachongbáil: Oughaval Monastery, Stradbally, County Laois, Ireland. Principal scribe Abbot Aed Ua Crimthainn of Tír-Dá-Glas: Terryglas on the Shannon River, County Tipperary under Bishop Finn mac Gormáin of Kildare. Aed’s signature on f. 32r (p. 313): Aed mac meic Crimthaind ro scrib in leborso 7 ra thinoil a llebraib imdaib: ed Húa Crimthaind wrote this book & collected it from many books. Also called Leabhar Gleann Dá Locha: The Book of Glendalough. Rescued by Welsh archeologist Edward Lhwyd in 1700 from priests who hid it from Cromwell. The writing is partly illegible from dirt and wear and has frayed edges. A transcript of the first 115 pages of the manuscript was made in 1852 by Eugene O’Curry and is used by modern translators to determine some of what was lost. O’Curry suggested the King of Leinster: Diarmait Mac Murchada (d. 1171) commissioned the manuscript. Land passed to the Marshal Earls of Pembroke & Meiler fitz Henry. Sir James Ware’s (d. 1666) excerpt from posession of Rory O’Moore Lord of Oughaval. 187 leaves, 177 preserved in Trinity College, loose in a special box and 10 in Dun Mhuire. 3 X 9 Renamed The Book of Leinster by 1800s translator John O’Donovan. Stories it contains:
  1. Leabhar Gabhála Érenn: Book of The Taking of Ireland.
  2. Táin Bó Cúailnge: Cattle Raid of Cooley.
  3. Scéla Chonchobuir: Conchubar’s Story.
  4. Aided Guill meic Carbada: Hazel Divine Son of Carbad’s Death
  5. Aided Gairb Glinne Rígi: Death of Rough Glittering Kings.
  6. Scél mucci Meic Dá Thó: Story of the Son of 2 Mutes’ Pig
  7. Talland Étair: Inside Earth.
  8. Aígidecht Aithirni: Reincarnation’s Stories
  9. Aided Cheltchair meic Uthechair: Rainement Divine Son of Uthechair’s Death.
  10. Brislech Mór Maige Murthemni: Great Power of the Country Over the Waves: The Boyhood Deeds of Chuchulainn: Hazel Hound
  11. Beochobra Con Culaind: Hazel Hound’s Ankles.
  12. Siaburchobra Con Culaind: Hazel Hound’s Frenzy
  13. Cú Chulaind De adventu Christ: Hazel Hound & the Advent of Christ.
  14. Nuallguba Emire: Emer’s Lament.
  15. Aided Chonchobuir: Conchubar’s Death.
  16. Aided Meidbe: Intoxicated One’s Death
  17. Aided Derb Forgaill: Red Forgaill’s Death.
  18. Nóenden Ulad Emuin Machae: The Ulstermen at Crow’s Height.
  19. Cia tréide céna labratar iarna genemain? Whose flock generates yarn?
  20. Gilla Cóemáin: Hériu ard inis na rríg: The Dove’s Servant: Ireland & the Island of the Kings
  21. Atá sund forba fessa: Here is a perfect spindle.
  22. Annalad anall uile: Chronicle from the world.
  23. Fland Mainistrech Ríg: Thernra dia tesband tnú: Sovereign Kings’ Monastery: Diety Worth Envy.
  24. Ríg Thernra tóebaige iar tain: Kings’ ripe western raid.
  25. Máel Mura of Fothain: Can a mbunadas na nGaedel: Silver Sea: Knowledge of the Gaels.
  26. Mac Cosse of Ros Ailithir: Rofessa i curp domuin dúir: Cosse’s Divine Son, Ailithir Oak Wood’s grandson: Lord of Perfect Knowledge & dark oak.
  27. Gilla Mo Dutu úa Casaide: dam óenathair na ndóene: Servant Mo Dutu Grandson of Cassidy: Snake’s Grandson
  28. Dublitir úa athgaile: Rédig dam a Dé do nim: Dublitir Descendent of athgaile: King Diety of Clouds
  29. Gilla in Chornded úa Cormaic: A Rí ríchid réidig dam: Chornded’s servant Descendent of Crane’s Divine Son: An ascending King
  30. Ailbe: ar in lathe do Lum Luine: Ailbe: Went to Lum Luine
  31. Fland Mainistrech: Mugain ingen Chonchraid chain: Lake Maiden Monastery: Sun of Munster, Conrad’s Daughter.
  32. Clanna Ailella Uluim uill: Aillil Olum’s Children
  33. Sencháin Torpést: Apair ri síl nEogain Móir: Torpést Stories: King of the Yew Dynesty
  34. Trí Fothaid Elgga cen chron: Three Beginning Stories
  35. Ailill lomm: Beir mo scíath sceo fri úath: Aillil Olom: Bringing forth my dashing hours
  36. A maccáin ná cí: Through clear water
  37. Dub Dá Thfiath: Diambad messe bad rí réil: Sunday Knowledge: Intoxicating King
  38. Fothad na Canóne: Cert cech ríg co rréil: Stories of the Canons
  39. Eclais Dé bí: The Living Diety
  40. Mo Lling: Rochúala la nech légas libru: My Vision: The Water
  41. Fithal & Cormac: Níba mé línfes do neoch dara thráth: Knowledge & Crane’s Son: Both went to the oak wood
  42. A Chormaic coisc do maicni: Crane’s Son went for sanctuary
  43. Teist Chathail meic Finguine Ríg Muman: Second King Cathal Divine Son of White One, Munster’s Kings
  44. Diarmait mac Cerbaill: Mairg thochras ri clerchib cell: Forgiven Divine Son of Song: Sea King Holly
  45. Fland Fína: In rígan ecnaid óg fial: White Sovereignty: Queen of Blossoming Young Knowledge
  46. Cináed úa Artacáin: A chloch thall for elaid úair: Noble Grandson of Arthur: A bell news hour
  47. Fland Mainistrech: Inn eól dúb in senchas sin: Lake Maiden Monastery: Sovereignty: Dark Storm Stories.
  48. Fland mac Lonáin: Maiccni Echach ard a ngle: Lake Maiden Divine Son of Blackbird: Blossoming High One who Glimmers
  49. Dindshenchas: Metrical: Story of Important Places.
  50. Ossín: Ogum i Ilia, lia úas lecht: Little Fawn: Ogum & Ilia stone, Grey Stone
  51. Cath Ruis na Ríg: Harvest of the Kings.
  52. Sanas Cormaic: Cormac: Crane Son’s Glossary
  53. Fland Manistrech: Lake Maiden Monastery
  54. Cind cethri ndíni iar Frigrind: Head of four west.
  55. Asenam ní seol sadal: Ancient tales
  56. Aní doronsat do chalmu clanna Eogain: Calm Yew’s Children went West.
  57. A ngluind, a n-échta, a n-orgni batar infir: Glimmering, blossoming, wonderous golden wares.
  58. Mide magen clainne Cuind: Meath: Honey, Conn’s Children.
  59. Síl Aeda Sláne na sleg: Genuflection Fire Health
  60. Imaccallam in dá Thuarad: Colloquey of the Two Sages
  61. Cathcharpat serda: Sun Chariot.
  62. Do nemthigud filed i scélaib ’ i comgnímaib:Pearl Poets & Stories sanctuary
  63. Na Trí Fothaid: Three Washers
  64. Inis Dornglais ro gab Crimthann: Dornglas Island’s Oak Forest
  65. Temaile fáid Miled Espáin: Sons of Míl from Spain
  66. A Cín Dromma Snecta: Clear Water’s Ridge
  67. Abratruad gilla Conchobuir: Red Eyebrows servant of Conchobar
  68. Mugdorn ingen Moga Duib: Mugdorn Daughter of Great One of the Dark
  69. Dindshenchas. Metrical: Story of Important Places
  70. Find mac Cumaill: Ligi Guill i mMaig Raigni: Finn Mac Cumhail: Great Plain
  71. Oenach indiu luid in rí: Grandsons King
  72. Dám Thrír táncatar ille: Tribe Three holy fires
  73. Tuilsiter mo derca súan: Flood my red sleep
  74. Caílte: Bec innocht lúth mo dá lúa: Caílte: Little tonight strength light my two torches
  75. Fuit co bráth: Forever
  76. Cináed da hArtacáin: Arthur’s Noblemen
  77. Cóic mugain: Sun of Munster
  78. Togail Troí: Distilling through
  79. Dindshenchas: The Story of Important Places
  80. Do Fallsigud Tána Bó Cualgne: Two Early Stories Before the Cattle Raid of Cooley: The Finding of the Tána
  81. De Gaba in tSíd: The Taking of the Sidhe: Peace People
  82. De Chophur in da muccida: Two Pigs
  83. Táin Bó Flidais: Cattle Raid of Stag Queen
  84. Táin Bó Fraích: Cattle Raid of Heather
  85. Fochond Loingse Fergusa meic Roig: Exile of Fergus Mac Roi: Man Divine Son of Oak
  86. Tochmarc Ferbae: Wooing of Ferb
  87. Longes mac nUsnig: The Exile of the Sons of Uisneach: Water
  88. Mesca Ulad: Intoxication of the Ulstermen
  89. Orgain Dind Ríg: The Destruction of the Fortress of the Kings
  90. Esnada Tige Buchat: Sigh of the Melodious House
  91. Fingal Rónáin: The Kin Slaying of White Seal
  92. Niall Frossach: Cloud Rainshower
  93. Senach Talten: Ancient Diadem: Feast at Teltown
  94. Aided Cuanach meic Ailchini: Cuan Divine Son of Ailchin’s Death
  95. Echtra Laegaire meic Crimthainn: Adventures of Snow Son of Fox
  96. Cath Cairn Chonaill: Harvest Reed’s Grave.
  97. Senchas Ailiúin Chobthaig: Alan’s Story
  98. A ben bennacht fort na ráid: Fortunate Blessings to say
  99. Días macclerech: The Cleric’s Days
  100. Rí irisech ro bol do Grécaib: Oak King went to the mouth of Greece.
  101. Iartaige na hingine colaige do Grécaib: Hazel’s Daughter went to the mouth of Greece.
  102. Dá brón flatha nime: Two dewdrops sovereignty of the clouds: The Kingdom of Heaven’s Two Sorrows
  103. Cethrur macclérech: Four sons of the Cleric
  104. Epscop do Gaedelaib dochoid do Róim: Episcopal readings to the Gaels
  105. Baí rí amra do Grécaib Salemón a aimn: The Supreme King’s voyage to the mouth of Greece
  106. Slóiged mór rucsat Gréic co Hebrib: Great people who came from Greece to the Hebrides.
  107. Triar macclérech: Three Sons of the Cleric.
  108. Macclérech do muintir Ferna móire: The Cleric’s Son’s household went to Mary’s Alder.
  109. Fechtas do M’ling is Tóidin co n-acca Mael Doborchon: Stories of Saint Mo Ling: My Vision
  110. Coíca epscop dodeochatar dochum M’Oedóc Ferna: Stories of Episocopal Saint My River
  111. Buí siur Mo Lassi Lethglinni oc légund i fail Mo Lasse: Yellow One sister of My Flame Half-Gleam precious stone she welcomes My Flame
  112. Luid Mael Ruain Tamlachta fechtas dia airge: Silver Hair went gulping time where the cows are. [Gaelic time= fear feacht= time English]
  113. Cummíne Fota mac Fiachnai di Eoganacht Chassil: Patience Divine Son of Knowledge of the Yew Dynasty.
  114. Longes Chonaill Chuirc: The Exile of Conall Corc: Reed Oat .
  115. Cath Maige Mucrima: Harvest of Mucrima Plain
  116. De maccaib Conaire: Of Sense’s Divine mouth.
  117. Audacht Morainn: Sea Queen.
  118. Bórama: Tribute.
  119. Cogad Gaedel re Gallaib: Mílesian Gaedel King of the Gaules
  120. Lagin, Laígsi: The Raven People.
  121. Comuammand na nGenelach: Community of Geneologies: Secular Genealogies: Lagin, Senchas Síl Ébir, De rígaib Muman iar cretim.
  122. Tecosca Cormaic: Cormac: Crane Son’s Teaching.
  123. Senbríathra Fithail: Circular Talk
  124. Audacht Moraind: The Testament of Morann: Great Queen.
  125. Do macaib Israhel do Patric: St. Patrick’s Household
  126. Fiacail Pátric: Saint Patrick’s Tooth
  127. De generibus sanctorum Clainde Lugdach: Sanctity of the Moon Children.
  128. Secht n-ingena Dalbrónaig: Blind One’s Daughter’s Story.
  129. Clann Dar Erca: Proud Soul Carrier’s Children.
  130. Trea ropo maith in ben: Further Pedigrees of the Saints
  131. Secht meic áille Oengusa: The Young God’s Story
  132. Brathir Fursu cóir a rad: Rain Shower’s Enchanted castle [which keeps one spell-bound] & labyrinth, ladder

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