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Book of Fermoy

Royal Irish Academy Library.
Written on twenty two folios of vellum with black ink by Adam ó Cianáin in 1373. A.D. The first eight folios are bound together. The other 14 are housed separately in the Stowe Fragment at the same library. The folios are 10 X 5.8 inches. Contains the Leabhar Gabhála Érenn & Manannán Mac Lir, (22)

The Annals of Ireland

Written by Friar John Clyn in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1350 A.D. Clyn is known for his contemporary account of the Black Death in Ireland. He begins his annals with the birth of Christ, and shifts his focus to Ireland during the 3rd century. Latin edition with facing pages of English translation by Bernadette Williams, Four Courts Press ©2007 ISBN: 9781846820342

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