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Dancing, piping, and fiddling are very popular on Saint Patrick’s Day. The dance music is called céilí or ceidlih (pron. KAY-lee) and consists of fast tempo music called jigs and reels. A reel is a circular dance of the sun with its basic step a skip change and a pas de basque. The jig: gigue is the vulva. The reel is the Danish national dance. Damhsa claimh is when male dancers stand close together and hit the ground with sharp clicks of their feet in prearranged patterns and the female dancers weave between them. Other dances are hornpipes, slow reel flings also known as strathspeys, marches, slow airs, sets, step-dancing.

 An elbow pipe called the uillean píb (pron. IH-lehn) can be heard and a violin or feídhlin: fiddle is also used. Other instruments are the feadóg stáin, a tin whistle with six holes, tiompán, bodhran drum (pron. BAW-rahn), concertina, harp, and accordion. (1, 14)

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