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Faery Places

Siar, Aniar (Go West) Iarthar (West) Murias (Sea)

The Kings of Murias heard that King Atlas had to bear
The world upon his back, so they sent him then & there
The Crystal Egg that would be the Swan of Endless Tales
That his burthen for a while might lie on his shoulder-scales
Fair-balanced while he heard Tales the Swan poured forth–
North-world Tales while he watched the Star of the North;
And East-world Tales he would hear in the morning cool,
When the Lions Nimrod spared came up from the drinking pool;
West-world Tales for the King when he turned him with the sun;
Then whispers of magic Tales from Africa, his own.

But the Kings of Murias made the Crane their messenger–
The fitful Crane whose thoughts are always frightening her
She slipped from Islet to Isle, she sloped from Land to Coast;
She passed through cracks in mountains & over trees like a ghost;
And then fled back in dismay when she saw on the hollow plains
The final battle between the Pigmies & the Cranes.

Where is the Crystal Egg that was sent King Atlas then?
Hatched it will be one day & the Tales will be told to men:
That is if it be not laid in some King’s old Treasury
That is if the fitful Crane did not lose it threading the Sea! – The King of Ireland’s Son

(pron. SEER, ir-hare, MARE ish) Its symbol is a hollow filled with fading light. It is a sunken city filled with tolling bells. Ruled by the Fir Bolg: Men of the Bags, Fir Dhearga: Red Men who came from Greece. Grianlagh and Caiseal are their cities. On the lake that leads to the land of the Sun floats a duck whose body is green and whose neck is of gold. The duck swims with waterlilies. The Land of the Sun has a wood full of orange trees and golden canaries. A knight in Grianaig of the land of the West, has 3 daughters who wear golden caps. A great beast from under the waves swept them away beneath the ocean. The god Ian: Sun son of the Fomorian King Rónán and Queen Morag of the islands of the west promised to rescue them. He cuts off the heads of the 3 giants with the help of a black raven. (58, 107, 133, 161, 183, 189, 210).[Worlds List]

Creirwy (Holy Relic, Crystal Egg): Daughter of the goddess Ceridwen: White Grain; Welsh Triads call her 1 of the 3 beautiful maids of Britain. (71)

Flann was the name that the Hag of Beara gave to Gilly of the Goatskin when he came back to tell her that the Swan of Endless Tales had been hatched out of the Crystal Egg. – Gilly of the Goatskin

The Undry: Cauldron of Plenty is used to feed all the men of Ireland. It is a cauldron that shines like the sun made of red bronze riveted together lit with 9 kinds of freshly gathered wood: oak, ash, pine, quicken, blackthorn, hazel, yew, whitethorn, and bog myrtle and 2 stones to strike fire. A white stone from the door step of a Brugh-fer, and a black stone from the door step of a poet that has 9 golden songs. Autumn Season. The flames that leap from the cauldron are blue, scarlet and every color of the rainbow. (150)

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