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Soir, Anoir (Go East) Oithear (East) Gorias (Warmth)

It was like a singing flame. It burned continually, and from it every fire in Ireland was kindled. The glow of it reached up to the mountain tops. The glow of it reached under the forest trees. The glow of it shot into the darkness and made a halo of light far beyond the three waves of Mananaun. – Claíomh Solais (150)(pron. SHOOR, oie-hare, OO rish) Gorias: Warmth. The sky land of pale gold, shining diadems, gems, emerald dust of kings and white opals of death. Ruled by the giant Conan: Reed. On the way to his palace are the Castles of the Giant of the Coat of Darkness and the Giant of the Purse of Plenty. He and his court live in the Castle of the Eastern world that has twelve doors. He possesses the Caladcholg sword which stretches to the length of a rainbow. Claíomh Solais: Sword of Light, Sword of Nuada was taken by Fergus Lethderg: Virility Redsided by spreading his golden glittering beech leaves to the castle inhabitants and playing a harp that put them to sleep. Fergus took the sword from the king as he lay sleeping from the drowsy effects of the music. The princess of the East has raven black hair, blood-red cheeks and skin as white as snow and lives in the fourth castle. She feasts on wine, wears a golden comb and diamond ring at night and her Garden of Heads has three hundred and sixty-five rose bushes. Her sacred tree is the blackthorn.
The Sword of Nuada, the gift of Uiscias, separates the day from the night at morning. Its edge is the thin silver line in the East that separates Sky from Sea at the coming of the Dawn each day. Ogma of the Sunface wields it. Trefuilngid Tre-eochair: Triple Bearer of the Triple Key, Irish god of the seamróg: three leaf clover, controls the setting and rising of the sun. He comes to the court of Conan from the West where the sun sets and heads east to paradise. His feast day is March 17th. Three fruits: the Yew of Ross, the Tree of Mughna: Yew and the Tree of Tortan: Birch. Summer Season (6, 61, 62, 82, 133, 138) [Worlds List]

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