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Kings: Y

Yskyrdav & Yscudydd (Being) Scolaige, Scolaighe, Scolaí (Scholar) Ysgolan, Skolan (Being)
(pron. SKUL-ee) Welsh twin gods and attendants of Gwenhywyvar: The White Queen Their feet are as swift as their thoughts. ys: being. In Gwerz Scolan from the Lyr du Caerfyrddin: Black Book of Merlin he is a man dressed in a black cape, on a black horse. He burns barns and churches, kills horses, cattle, rapes nuns, and is accused of stealing a book from his mother. He spends seven years in an aquatic Purgatory, tormented by fish, and returns to plead forgiveness from his mother. His sons Grune Ceanavaltha: Young Bearded Man, Bechunach: Thief, Chluas Guillin: Guillin’s Ears were called to Inis Sciana Breaca: Trout Island to watch over the Queen’s third child when it became sick at a year old. (73, 75, 80)
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