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Kings: C

Compar (Compass)
A messenger and tax-gatherer of the Fomor Giants: Those From Beneath The Sea , he is one of the four hardest and most cruel, the other three being Eine: Life, Eathfaigh: Journeying Boatman, Coron: Crown They are the greatest and fiercest of the black Fomorians, so called because they are black-haired and black-bearded, with fells as coarse and thick as those of wild boars. They are beyond the reach of magic spells, and have invincible power. The yearly tax laid by Balor upon Nuadh: Yew of the Silver Hand: a tax on querns, kneading-troughs, baking-flags, and a gold ounce for every man and woman of the Tuatha-De-Danann: People of The Water from Heaven. Every year the people had to assemble at the Hill of Tara, where the High King had his palace, and submit the tribute to the emissaries of Balor. (73, 123, 160)

Nuada: Sun Yews’s reign: And they were not long before they saw a gloomy grim-looking body of men coming towards them, namely, nine times nine of the collectors of the Fomorians who were coming to demand taxes and tributes of the men of Erin... Lugh started up and attacked the Fomorians, slaughtering and disfiguring them, until he had killed eight times nine of them; but the remaining nine he allowed to receive sanctuary... And these nine went fourth until they reached the country of Lochlann, where the Fomorian people were; and they related to them their story from beginning to end

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