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Mongfhinn ní Feradach Finn, Mongfind (Fair Hair, Snow Goddess)
(pron. MUNG-in, MAWNG-in) Goddess who is the daughter of Feradach Fionn a.k.a Finn Cormac or Cruithne. She lives in Scotland. Corca: Oats became her consort and She later was wife of the Irish God Eochaid Mugmedón (pron. AH-chee mwee VEE-an). She sent her five step-children to the druid prophet Sithchenn the Smith and tried to burn them alive in the house with the flames of death. Brion: Flame of Valor, the oldest, left with a chariot, Fiachra: Raven Knowledge took a vat of wine, Aillil: River Poem left with weapons, Fergus: Vigor carried kindling containing a stick of yew and Nial: Cloud, the youngest, with the Smith’s anvil, tongs, bellows, and hammer. She died by accidentally swallowing poison she intended to kill her stepson Niall Noígiallach: Cloud of the Nine (pron. NE-yul NUY-yee-uhl-ach) with. This was on Samhain Eve and in later tradition was known as the Feile Moingfinne: Festival of the Snow Goddess when her evil spirit stalked the countryside in search of children’s souls. Prayers were said to ward off her presence. She had a school where she trained warriors. The god Crónán: Nut went to Scotland to become her consort. (57, 58, 255)
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