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Queens: M

Miranda (Sea Dawn)
Triple goddess of the dawn, spring, and sovereignty. Her chariot of mother of pearl is drawn by six dun colored griffons. She wears a dress of white satin with diamonds. Her middle sister wears a dress of blue satin with turquoise and the oldest a green satin dress with emeralds. She is accompanied by a white sheep with horns of gold wearing a garland of flowers, diamond collar and strings of pearls around its legs. His land by the bank of orange flowers has a row of jasmine, honeysuckle, and musk roses whose intertwining branches make rooms that are hung with gold and silver gauze. Her father offers her a golden bowl to dip her fingers in at her sister’s wedding. Miranda’s brother was engaged to Gold-Tree, the fairest maiden in the land according to the trout of the spring. Gold-Tree’s mother Silver-Tree was so jealous she asked for her heart & liver, sailed to the kingdom & stabbed her daughter’s finger with poison so that she fell dead. The prince re-married & the second wife found her body locked in a tower, pulled the poisoned stab out & Gold-Tree revived (77, 94)
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