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Goblins 2

The Glinne, Geniti (Valley) Ethiar (Air Demons)

This is the first day of the winter, and to-day the
Hosts of the Air are in their greatest power.

– WARREN: Twig of Thorn.

Air demons are Irish and Scottish Highlands goblins. They live in the clouds, mists, and rocks. They aided the Ulstermen in battle by confusing the rival army. Biasd Bheulach: Air Demon (pron beeast veealuch) Scotland. An air demon of Odail Pass on the Isle of Skye. Said to be created when giant Balor placed the Nuada’s Spear of Victory into the black water lake of forgetfullness in his Underworld Country. They travel surrounded by icy wind. (6, 26, 77, 107, 150)

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