[Christine’s Halloween Monster and Faery List]

Faery Charms

Gallitraps (Faery Rings) Cercles des Fées (Fairy-Rings)

Are circles of mushrooms growing in the grass where faeries gather. Putting both feet in is very dangerous and traps you in the faery ring. One foot inside the ring gives you the power to see faeries. (42)

Turning your coat inside out is thought to protect you from being led astray by faeries on Halloween night. teim: thyme will protect you from faeries and allow you to see them. vanilley attracts love. Silin: cherries aid creativity.Subh-làir: strawberries attract faeries and good spirits. bread & salt, iron, bells are protective. (30, 41, 96, 255)

Fion Trom: Elderberry Wine
Drinking it will cause you to see faeries. At Beltaine, elder twigs are woven into a garland and worn round the head to give the wearer  second sight. The flowers are used in wish-fulfillment spells. The leaves, flowers and berries are strewn on a person, place, or thing to bless it and consecrate marriages. Do not burn green Elderwood, it is toxic or use it to make furniture. It is bad luck. Raw berries will make a person vomit. Infusions of elder flowers are used for whitening the skin. (41)

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