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Faery Charms: Glaumerie (Magic)

Scotland. The power to cast enchantments over human beings by faeries. Glamour gives faeries the power to levitate and shapeshift. Humans who hear the incantations may levitate as well if they repeat the words. Glamour also affects eyesight and faeries can deceive humans by taking on any form they choose. Glamour causes people to see things that are not there, not to see things that are there, or altered versions. Glamour can affect other senses as well. Two people looking at the same thing will see entirely different things. Humans who fall under the glamour may be captured. They can also be captured by eating faery food and drink. Four leaf clovers allow humans to penetrate the affects of glamour and see the faeries as they really are. Possessing an object of the faeries may also neutralize glamour. a.k.a pishogue in Ireland. (42)
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