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Walking On Water
Jesus, walking on water, called to his disciples to have no fear during a storm. The apostle Peter jumped from the ship and walked toward Christ. Jesus rescued Peter and calmed the storm. (2)
The Greek Woman
Jesus journeyed to Phoenicia. A Greek woman came to him for help for her sick daughter. She proclaimed her faith to him and when she returned home her daughter was well. (1)
Healing the Sick
Simon’s mother-in-law took ill with fever. Jesus laid his hands upon her forehead and the fever left her body. Jesus healed the sick of Capernaum: the blind, lepers, sick and lame. (1)
The Raising of Lazarus:
Jesus was called to the sickbed of his friend Lazarus, but when he arrived Lazarus was dead. Jesus went to his burial site and cried for him to come forth. The dead came forth in their graveclothes and released Lazarus to Jesus. (2)

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