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The Last Supper
Jesus met his followers for the last meal before his death sentence. He blessed bread and told them to eat for it was his body. He took a cup of wine and told them to drink it, for it was his blood shed for many. He commanded them to love one another as he laid down his life for them. The Pharisees of Rome demanded to know of the Kingdom of God. Jesus replied that the Kingdom of God was within them. God’s Will is love (2)
The Resurrection
The Romans put a stone in front of the cave where Christ’s body lay, so that his followers would not be able to steal the body and say he had risen. Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleopas, Joanna, and other women prepared burial spices and went to the tomb of Christ. When they came to the cave, the sky flashed red, the guards were unconscious, the stone was moved away and an angel was sitting on it. There was no body in the open grave. The angel told them Christ had risen and to tell the apostles. They did. When Mary Magdalene returned she saw a vision of Christ and he told her to go to Galilee with the news. Jesus appeared to the apostles at Emmaus at Passover and his disciples fed him fish and honeycomb. (3)
The Transfiguration
Peter, James, and John on the Mountain of Transfiguration saw Jesus with Moses on one side and the Prophet Elijah on the other. They decided to follow the ministry. (2)

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