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Dutch Customs: Saint Nicholas is known as Sinter Klaas in the Netherlands. He arrives in Mid-November by steamboat with Zwarte Piet (Black Peter) - a Moor. He is said to have journeyed from Spain, where he spends the rest of the year, and arrives in Amsterdam. He wears a white bishop’s robe, crimson mantle and mitre, gloves, golden crosier shaped like a shepard’s crook and rides a white horse. Piet is in stockings, plumed beret, puffed britches, and jacket for the parade. He carries a big red book which has records of childrens’ performances. There can be up to 50 Piets in the parade and they hand out cookies, marzipan, chocolates, oranges, fruits, and sweets. Sinter Klaas ends the parade with a speech. (4)
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