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October 2001- July 2003
  1. Webring.org gave me 9 pop-up ads and crashed. Links are now on rings page. I am ring free.
  2. Added information about Nazi commander and Austrian diplomat Kurt Waldheim in the Late 20th Cen. History section. Words of Wisdom, Kurt Waldheim: Olde URL: http://www.pkal.org/wisdom/5_11_98.html: Some people had no shame.
  3. BBC Editorial On the Highland Clearances. I NEVER have to legitimize my Heritage to anyone.  [Link courtesy of Douglas MacGowan. Information hint: Britain doesn’t have nouveau riche people.]
  4. Added Roman bloodshed with Nero and the rest of the emporers. New druid info in the history section. Moved Declaration of Arbroath from legends to history section.

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