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The Honours of Scotland is its regalia. It consists of the Crown of King Robert the Bruce; the Sword of State presented to King James IV by Pope Julius II in 1507, and the Sceptre.

The crown is nine inches wide and six and a half inches high and consists of two gold circles. The higher one is set with diamonds and sapphires. The rim is decorated with fleurs-de-lis, croix fleurées, and golden knots with pearls.The bottom circle has pearls and precious stones: rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, carbuncles, jacinths, topazes, and amethysts. Two imperial arches supporting a pearl cross completes it. It is housed in Edinburgh castle’s Crown room. Some believe it is the ancient Crown of Dunadd. Edinburgh castle itself is built over an extinct volcano. (1, 20)

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