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Jame’s brother Charles I became King. He produced a British army regiment called the Scots Guards to murder the Irish. Oliver Cromwell assasinated Charles and continued the genocide. Cromwell exiled the Irish he didn’t kill to the province of Connacht or to slavery in the West Indies. Cromwell’s army captured Edinburgh so the Scots would not be able to militarily support Charles II to the throne. The Inquisition Generales was established at Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh in 1645 and people were buried alive. Charles II was restored to the throne in 1666. This is called The Restoration. Irish land was given to crown supporters and became known as The Ulster Plantation / Killing Time

James II, the next king because he murdered his nephew, was deposed by William of Orange in 1688. In 1692 the MacDonald’s of Glencoe refused allegiance to the King and were massacred. A military presence was set up in the Highlands. The Gaelic clans who protected James and his successors in war were called the Jacobites. (1, 3, 5)

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