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This enraged John MacLeod, who wrote in his memoir  Gloomy Memories of the Highlands:

American Slave-owners are to be pitied, for they are the dupes or victims of false doctrine. They believe to have a divine right to sell and buy African slaves; to flog, hang, and shoot them for disobedience; and to chase them with bloodhounds and methodist ministers if they run away. But the English aristocracy maintain to still higher prerogatives, in direct opposition to sacred records, - they believe to have divine right to monopolize the whole creation of God in Britain for their own private use, to the exclusion of all the rest of His creatures. They have enacted laws to establish these rights and they blush not to declare these laws sacred...
... - a right to imprison, to flog, to hang, and shoot them, if refractory for the least disobedience... to hang, shoot, or flog them to death for even taking a morsel of food when dying for the want of it - all to gain more possessions and power for the British aristocracy... ... for it is the most profitable under heaven, the most admired, and is adopted by all other nations of the earth - at least, until the promised Millenium will arrive, whatever time that blessed era will take in coming - unless the people in their might will rise some morning early, and demand their rights and liberties with the united voice of thunder... (6)

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