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The  am feileadh beag, meaning small plaid, little covering (pron. fay-luh beg) is the modern ceilt (pron. kilt - means covering) seen throughout the world. It is in the Armorial Bearings of the Chief of the Skenes of 1695. It has no material above the waist and is worn by Scottish men at ceremonial events, weddings, football games, clan gatherings, dances, and highland games.

The kilt worn to just above the knee is accompanied by a cota fiaraidh (pron. coat-ah fee-ree) tartan jacket with cloth cut on the bias or cota gearr (pron. coat-ah geh-arr) plain jacket, tartan over the shoulder with a silver or bone dealg (pron. delgh) pin, purse of fur called a sporran,(pron. spore-an), checked argyle wool knee stockings called osain (pron. osh-un), ceremonial knife called a sgian dhu, (pron. skeen du) and a boneid (pron. bon-ayt) called a tam o’ shanter. Old Highland men wear truibhas (pron trews) which are tight pants or hose made of tartan. (2, 3, 5)

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