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Highland Bagpipe
Scotland’s bagpipe is called a Biniou Braz or Phiob Mhor: Great Highland Bagpipe. [Biniou is a little bagpipe]. Classical pipe music is called piobaireachd. It includes salutes, cumha: laments, brosnachadh: incitements to battle. It is made up of three movements, two of them recurrent and the third very elaborate. The urlar: floor sets the theme. The siubhal: wandering (pron. shoo-al) is the variation. The crunluadh is the crowning and is the last part. Other piping is in dance music: marches, ceol mall: airs, reels, and strathspeys [a reel from the Spey Valley. strath = valley]. Previous to that was the harp. (3) The pipe band itself is called a bagad (8)

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