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Na Mí [mih heh]: Honey: County Meath, Ireland

Domhnach Phádraig (The Church of Patrick)
County na Mí: Honey, Ireland. The Church of Patrick built here and the region named after him. (3)
County na Mí: Honey, Ireland. Saint Patrick consecrated the Bishop Mel: Honey here and oversaw the building of Rahan: Womb Church which is part of the Diocese of na Mí or Meath. (3)
Domhnach Sechnaill (The Church of Sechnall)
County na Mí: Honey, Ireland. Domnach Sechnaill / Dunshaughlin church was built and the first hymn composed in Ireland was written by St. Sechnall. It honors Saint Patrick, is 23 stanzas long, and is known as Hymn in Patrick’s Praise. (3)

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