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Albain: Scotland [Alubin]

Craig Phádraig (Saint Patrick’s Rock)
Bal Cluit: Town of the Lame One / Dùn Breatann: Fortress of the Milk Ones: Dumbarton, Glasgow, Scotland. An oval granite fort nine feet deep. Saint Patrick is believed to be born here by some and kidnapped from here as well. The rock he was kidnapped from is at Inbhir Nis / Inverness: Mouth of Loch Ness called Saint Patrick’s Rock It is vitrified, heat turned the glass to rock. Inside Dumbarton Castle is a chapel dedicated to Saint Patrick. In Strathblane parish is Saint Patrick’s Well. On the first of May up to the beginning of the twentieth century pilgrimages were made to drink the waters to promote healing. (3)
Cill-Phadair (Patrick’s Church)
(pron. KIL-PAHDAR) Near Glasgow, Scotland. The shrine of Saint Patrick is located at the church. The land around Kilpatrick is called Saint Patrick’s Seat. (3)

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