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Saint Patrick & Crom Dubh
In the Dindshenchas: The Story of Important Places (pron. Deen-han-hus) and in the Leabhar Laigneach: Book of Leinster written in the 12 th century AD. is the legend of Mag Slecht: The Plain of Genuflection in County Cavan, Ireland. A golden idol of Crom Dubh: Dark Bent One was surrounded with eleven idols made of stone. People prayed to Crom Dubh for a good harvest, protection from evil and rich yields of milk and corn; prostrating themselves before it. Saint Patrick came and laid a cross on top of the golden idol. It bowed to the west and turned to the right as the earth swallowed up the eleven stone idols until only their heads remained above ground. Saint Patrick then proceeded to smash the idol with a sledgehammer. The spirit of Crom Dubh flew to the immortal world; its power broken. (15, 17)
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