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Irish Sacred Texts:

Christian scribes from the great monasteries of the seventh through fourteen centuries centuries wrote down Irish legends in the: Leabhar na g-Ceart: Book of Rights, Leabhar Tianaim: Origin Book, Dindshenchas: Story of Important Places, (pron. Deen-han-hus), Suidigud Tellaig Temra: Tara Household Settling, Cath-gabhra, Howth Book, Aurcaicept Na nEces: Scholars Primer, De Duibh Feda Na Forfid: Forfeda Values, Lebor Ogam: Ogham Book, Liber Dunmow, Leabhar na hUidhri: Dun Cow Book: Annals of Clanmacnoise, Yellow Book of Lecan, Leabhar Laigneac: Leinster Book, Leabhar Breac: Speckled Book and others. Welsh tales are in the Red Book of Hergest, White Book of Rhydderch, Black Book of Caerfyrddin: Carmarthen, Liber Landavensis: lLan Dav Book: Sacred Enclosure of God. This literature is the oldest in Europe and is called the earliest voice from the dawn of Western European civilization. Mr. Dunn, a scholar from Harvard, says that the Roman language of Latin was so powerful that only nations outside the Roman Empire were able to preserve their native speech. The Western Europeans who were able to do that were the Irish, Anglo-Saxons, and the Icelanders. (1, 11, 10, 13, 19)
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