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Excerpts from: The Confession of Saint Patrick 3

translated by John Skinner

For he gave me such great grace, that many people through me were reborn to God and afterward confirmed and brought to perfection... ...They are those whom the Lord has chosen from the ends of the earth... ...I have not cheated a single one of them, nor would I dream of such a thing, for God and for the sake of his church, lest I should stir up persecution for them and all of us, or for fear that the name of the Lord should be blasphemed because of me.... ...As every day arrives, I expect either sudden death or deception or being taken back as a slave or some such other misfortune. But fear none of these... ....Whoever comes across this writing and takes the trouble to read it through, namely the writing of Patrick, a sinner who, though he was never taught, wrote it down in Ireland... ...This is my Confession before I Come to die. (20)

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