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The Celts

(pron. KEHLTS) were a race of people who lived in Europe from North of the Alps to the Baltic Sea from 1000 B.C. to 455 A.D. They were descended from the Proto-Celts of 2000 B.C, one of the three tribes of Indo-Europeans that included the Hittites of Turkey and the Mycaneans of Greece; descendents of the Kurgan civilization of Russia.
  The Celts were an agrarian society who invented the handsaw, soap, rotary reaper, and rotary mill. They were tall, fair people who wore gold torques and bracelets known as Ornaments of Gold. The men wore short beards and mustaches and high ranking people wore dyed garments of gold. The Celts had their own money system of golden coins and developed trading centers that accumulated great wealth. These centers, called oppida, were fortified cities. (1, 6)
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