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[harp illustration - 5k]Fortunately the legends and knowledge were preserved by oral tradition. Edward Bunting is credited with reviving the harp tradition and putting traditional music and the works of harpist Turlough O’Carolan into notation in 1792. In 1969 the group Ceoltoiri Chualann with Sean O’Riada produced the album Ceol na nUasal- Music of the Nobles and reintroduced the music to a modern audience. (1, 6)

Legend of the Harp of Dagda:

 The god Dagda (pron Doh-da) owned a sacred harp that could call forth moods. The powers of cold and darkness stole the harp and hid it in a fortress. The god of light and art went to the land of cold and darkness and found the harp nailed to the fortress wall. He was able to repeat the two secret names of the harp and carry it home. When he returned home he held a council of the Divine Folk and lulled them to sleep with the harp. (1)

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