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American New Years Customs: Dance parties are thrown on New Year’s Eve to see in the year. Times Square in New York City has a ball drop hosted by the television celebrity Dick Clark. It is broadcast all over the United States. At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve people will kiss or honk car horns. Paper blowers and whistles are blown. A soul food of black-eyed peas and rice called Hoppin’ John is eaten by some. Other foods are: cake and champagne.

On New Year’s Day the popular sport of American football is televised all day long and special parties called Football Parties are thrown. Popular foods are: beer, soda-pop, large sandwiches up to 5 feet long called submarine sandwiches, potato chips, potato salad, pizza, pretzels, nuts, and candy. The Rose Parade of Pasadena, California is part of the football broadcast. It was started in 1890 to resemble the Festival of Flowers in Nice and uses over 40,000 flowers. Those who do not watch football usually go shopping. Stores refer to the wives of men who watch the programs as Football Widows to dramatize the popularity of the sport. (2)

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