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Shapeshifters 2

Each-Uisge, Cabyll Ushty, Aughisky (Water Horse) Eich-mhara (Sea Horse) Glaistyn, Glashtyn, Glaistig (Glastonbury) Kelpies (Seaweed Horse) Nuggle, Noggle () Shoopiltee ()
(pron. ech-ooshkya, ACHE-vara, KEHL-pee) Scottish Highlands water horse that haunts seas, lakes, and fresh water. Can take the form of a black horse with a greenish shine and brown eyes that can hold a human still as stone, a beautiful girl with the body of a goat hidden under a green dress, bird, or handsome young man with ebony hair mixed with liobhagach an locha: green lake slime, brown eyes & silver necklace to lure people into the water to drown. Thoir an aire: Be careful (HOH-er un EHR-uh). When a human rides on his back he is stuck to the skin, drowned, and eaten. The organs float to shore. A bridle put on a kelpie horse will render it powerless. After a 300 year solitary life on Barra, the waterhorse fell in love with a young cow-herding maiden with long golden brown hair at the heather shore populated by buzzing bees. She seized His necklace to save her life after lulling him to sleep after he asked her to fasg his hair [Welsh lleua] and she arrayed his locks as Neapolitan damsels also do by their swains. He lived with her for a year and a day as a caraid: friend in the shape of a horse, later choosing to become mortal to marry her. The Eich-mhara kelpie of the Isle of Skye can be heard singing to his child at Benn Froachkie: Heather Peak hoping to persuade his mortal wife to return to him and promising a lot of troutlings. (6, 13, 17, 255)

Far Líath (Grey Man) Lia, Liath Luachra, Liathalbar (Grey Rushes)
Irish fairy who appears as a dense fog in coastal areas and hills. He can be a hazy shadow moving against the sun or a giant in a grey cloak of mist. He covers up rocky coastlines and his touch spreads blight to potatoes and crops. In triplicate form he has: hyacinth-blue eyes, snow white curly hair and eyelashes, shaggy brow, diadem, wears a 5 folded crimson cloak, gold breast pin, white linen leine tunic with gold embroidery, blue steel helmet and a branch that never sleeps unless harp music is played. He can take the form of a living red fire unquenchable by water. [A curse by his father Hettwn Talaryant/Donn: cold heart, cold hands, stubbornness, an invisible burden] Lord of Luachtar, treasurer of the Clann Morna and father of Conan Mael, Sláinge: Health, Tinne, and Monodar. Fomorian giant who was called to Balor’s Council at the Cath Mag Tuireadh na b-Fomorach: Second Grain Harvest of Plain of Frost. Warned of doom by the goddess Mórrígán he was decapitated in battle by Fionn Mac Cumhaill: The White God and the god Conall: Reed gave his severed head a drink and he thanked him. Leinster, Druimm Leit (53, 102)

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