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Faery Places

Caerabhis (Meager Pastures of the Sheep)
Large heath surfaces and few trees. Large wild pigs (mucgabh), the magnificent king deer (carria), brown (craighbéar) and rock bears (donnbéar) control the heath and the mountains. The climate is determined by the offshore position and is damp and cool; in the summer however, if the nebulas break, amazingly warm days can be had. Winter is cold weather and snow. Small towns and villages, in which mainly sheep breeders, hunters and fishermen live, because the soil is quite unfruitful.(108)
Fornochta Scáith (The Bald hills)
The dry hills between the red country and the meager pastures of the sheep (108)
The Runan
A river fed by the tears of the Coraniaid, which cry around their last high king in the world of humans. Who dances at new moon nights on the hill, drinks water from the crystal-clear source of the Runan and listens to the words of the ways women, which becomes, then one says at least (108)
Mallachtéara (The Cursed Land)
is the nickname of the land between Runan and Tuarisc in Scotland. Here live the cities of the Finsternis the people mainly from Cities and in little towns and farming places, coming still in Clansgroups like in the western part of Ireland. (108)
Lochlinn (Land of Lakes)
Contains the Cape of the Midnight Sun and the Narrow Seas [Norway to Denmark] (160)

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