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Hob-Goblins 6

Pixies, Pisgies, Piskies, Pigseys, §Pysg (Small Faery) Fach (Little) Pobal Vean (Little People) Cryfaglach (Urchins) Muryans, Mur Y Cryfaglach (The Urchin’s Wall) Nannidh (Daisys) Thrift (Small People) Harebells (Bluebell People)
(pron. PIHK-see, VACH) The souls of pre Celtic races. ‘Of all their amusements dancing forms their chief delight; and this exercise they are said always to practise, like the Druids of old, in a circle or ring.’ In Cornwall they are exceedingly beautiful, wing-less faeries, dressed in elegant clothes who are twelve inches tall. They can change shape at will and can appear deformed to demonstrate their supernatural power. They take the form of a ball-shaped, pale emerald glimmering light, like light the glow-worm gives from her lamp on a summer night. Frogs, owls, grasshoppers and humming-bees play the hautbois: high forest to their night dancing by crystalline streams known as tripping on the green. Their favorite small flower is called Eye-bright. Their golden jewel-house under the stream is called Pixy-land. The king of the Pixies sends the Gathons to the mines. During the harvest time they reap sheaves of grain of the land with sickles during the light of the moon. The men are about the size of hedgehogs with round black eyes, rosy faces, red hair, brown skin, pointy ears, and turned up noses who dress in brown coats, green or brown trousers, blue jackets, green stockings, shoulder-length grey moss wigs and a red cap or black hats. Women have pale skin and wear lace and silver bells. They eat honey, blackberries, and dew and live in woods, meadows, and sea cliffs. They make mead from sacred bees. As a reward to Will Penruffin for his trials they give him a cooked goose with apple sauce, Devonshire pie made of young rooks, and junket made of rennet and cream. They can be recognized by the colored lights and perfume they give off. People who see them can be spirited away or transformed into one of them. They were created by the Fays in the Second Age of the Sun. (20, 21, 31, 202) §Swedish.
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