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Hobgoblins, Hobs, Hobyahs, Hob-men (Hearth Gods, Hopping Goblins) Buccas, Bog (God)
(pron. HAWB-gahbluns) British goblins that are not harmful. They are hearth spirits from Hartlepool who live in kitchens and watch over bread and tend babies. They are small, wizened, shaggy, humanlike creatures with no toes or fingers and sometimes no nose who wear green. They were created by the Fomorian giants in year 237 of the Second Age of the Sun. They can make people invisible with a green salve from secret Kerrismoor herbs. They keep sick children company, taking them on fantastic adventures, and drive away fever and pains. They enjoy eating hemp stalks and sleep during the day. They can take the form of robins. They also can be seen in troops. Bucca-du: Black God, may be an equivalent of Czernobog: Black God,who was the Ahriman of Slavonic dualism, and Bucca-widn: White God may be the corresponding Bielobog. (6, 13, 20, 38, 96, 237)
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