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Innisfail or Inisfail
An ancient name of Ireland: Isle of Destiny

Oh, once the harp of Innisfail
Was strung full high to notes of gladness;
But yet it often told a tale
Of more prevailing sadness.
—Campbell: O’Connor’s Child, i.

I raised my sails, and rushed into the bay of Croma, into Croma’s sounding bay in lovely Inisfail.—Ossian: Croma. i. eat.

Inis-Thona: an island of Scandinavia.
Inistore: the Orkney Islands.
—Ossian: Fingal, i. eat.

Séamas, Seamus, Seumus, Shemus (Supplanter) Semias, Senias (Master of Wisdom)
(pron. SHAY-muhs, SHEE-a-mus, SHe nas) Túatha god from Murias,(pron. MARE ish) [Sea] one of the four cities the Túatha Dé Danann: People From The Water From Heaven came from; he gave his cauldron Undry to the Dagda. The four cities are located in Denmark. (71, 73, 125)

Urias of the Noble Nature, Urais, Uriah (Fire) Esras
(pron. OO rish) Greek. Túatha god who lives in the sky kingdom of Gorias. [Egg] He is steeped in wisdom. The Spear of Lugh comes from this city. In Hebrew his name is Urijah and is in the Tenach, History of Israel. He is an old inhabitant of Jerusalem. King David had an affair with his wife Bathsheba and took over. (58, 125)

Arias (East) Uscias
Fair-haired poet of the city of Finias, [Wine] Denmark. The Sword of Nuadha was brought from here. (125)

Morias, Morfessa (Marsh, Great Knowledge)
Túatha god and master of wisdom who lived in Falias, [Shining] one of the cities that the Tuátha Dé Danann came from. He gave them the Stone of Fal, the inauguration stone for making a king. (71, 125, 207)

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