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Kings: C

Clonach, Clonnach (Bell)
God and one of the sons of Crom Dubh: Bent One. In Douglas Hyde’s The Stone of Truth: When Saint Patrick arrived Saint Patrick burned the mountain & set the land on fire. Clonach was burned to a lump. clach: rock, cleit: rocky (58, 72, 184)

fìrinn: nf. pl.+ean, truth, dy firrinagh focklagh: in truth, feerid: truth, reality, simplicity, veracity, authenticity, perfection, axiom, firrinys: truth, authenticity, veracity, maxim, actuality, sincerity, devoutness, devotion, fidelity, unaffectedness, faithfulness, firrinys glen: very truth, firrinys lhome: unadorned truth, irriney lhome: blunt fact, plain truth, jerriuid: actuality, truth, N’irrin eh! It’s the truth! ynrickys: honesty, sincerity, faithfulness, correctness, downrightness, integration, trustiness, directness, straightforwardness, truthfulness, straightness, guilelessness, probity, frankness, faith, truth, shaghney [yn irriney]: varnish [the truth]

Téideach (Warm, Will Go, Reaching, Flying, Fall)
God and one of the sons of Crom Dubh: Bent One. Poll a’ Teidigh: Téideach’s Hole. He sails every day in his little floating curragh: boat into the hole. Saint Patrick broke off part of a mountain and it drifted into the sea. He and his father’s flesh were eaten by midges & scaldcrows. His brother is Clonach: Bell. (58)

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